Traffic Barricade offers an extensive range of services.

Temporary Traffic Management Plan (TTMP)

Temporary traffic management plans (TTMPs) and permit applications with all the necessary approval for street/road closures, roadworks zones and for freeway, bridge or road construction projects.

Traffic Accommodation

Flagging operations on construction sites during freeway, road or bridge construction and other roadworks projects.

Temporary Road Traffic Management (TRTM)

For roadworks zones and freeway, road or bridge construction.

Traffic Advisory and Public Notification / Media Release

Prepare and carry out an extensive public notification / media release to various national and local newspapers, radio stations and on social media platforms about any planned full freeway, road or street closure.

Temporary Road Traffic Control Signage

Erection, layouts, maintenance and the removal or relocation of rural or urban roadworks zones, and during road, freeway or bridge construction.

Roadside Traffic Safety Equipment/Road Furniture

Temporary traffic control devices and placement, re-erecting and removal or relocation services on rural or urban roadworks zones and during road, freeway or bridge construction.

Traffic Barricade offers once-off purchase or rental options for the following roadside traffic safety equipment / road furniture:

  • Variable message signboards (VMS)
  • Traffic control huts/units
  • Truck-mounted attenuators (TMA)
  • Movable Yellow Plastic Barriers (New Jersey Type)
  • Movable Stop Barrier (MSB)
  • Solar Powered Lane Closing Arrow on trailer
  • Tornado single or double-sided reboundable delineators (yellow, black or reflective)
  • Normal single or double-sided delineators.
  • Traffic Cones With Reflective Sleeves

Wayleave Applications and Permits for Road/Street Closures

Fibre optics, GSM or any form of telecommunications that needs a wayleave application. Roads and stormwater, electrical, water and sanitation networks wayleave applications can be managed by Traffic Barricade from the design stage to construction. Traffic Barricade will also get all the necessary approval from any local, provincial and national authority.


  • Flagging operations and procedures for flag personnel.
  • STOP/GO Operators and Two-way radio operators skills transfer training and procedures.
  • Road traffic signs maintenance and management training programme for flag personnel.
  • Road and traffic safety awareness educational programmes, and road safety education talks and workshops are offered to various schools and communities within South Africa. Traffic Barricade also disseminates road safety information to the general public and road users.

Events Management

Street/road closures and temporary traffic control (TTC) for special or major events such as public events, inauguration days, parades, races, shows, major sporting events, street festivals, television, filming or music events, public marches or demonstrations, and national commemoration days in major towns, provincial towns and national cities.

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