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Traffic Barricade is currently 100% black-owned by its founders, who also act as its directors.

Traffic Barricade is a South African company suited for one-stop traffic accommodation, flagging operations, temporary road traffic management (TRTM) and maintaining temporary traffic deviation solutions for freeways, road and bridge construction or any roadworks projects. Traffic Barricade can be employed as a sub-contractor to handle all traffic accommodation and temporary road traffic management needs, including labour, temporary traffic control road signs and facilities, traffic signals, traffic safety equipment, temporary traffic lights and warning signs, stop/go systems, flagmen/flagwomen, stop/go sign control operators, traffic safety officers and traffic safety vehicles or traffic safety trucks.


Temporary Traffic
Management Plan

Temporary traffic management plans (TTMPs) and permit applications with all the necessary approval for street/road closure, roadworks zones and freeway, bridge or road construction projects.


Temporary road traffic management (TRTM), temporary road traffic control signage and flagging operations on construction sites during freeway, road or bridge construction and other roadworks projects.


Street/road closure and temporary traffic control (TTC) for special or major events such as public events, inauguration days, parades, races, shows, major sporting events, etc.


Flagging operations procedures and road traffic signs maintenance management training programmes for flagmen and flagwomen during roadworks projects.

Road Safety

The Road Safety review and audit are carried out in accordance with industry best-practice, SANRAL design policies and guidelines and The South African Road Safety Audit Manual.

Roadside Traffic
Safety Equipment

Temporary traffic control devices and placement, re-erecting and removal or relocation services on rural or urban roadworks zones and during road, freeway or bridge construction.

Wayleave Application
& Permit for Road/Street

Fibre optics, GSM or any form of telecommunications that needs a wayleave application. Roads and stormwater, electrical, water and sanitation networks wayleave applications can be managed by Traffic Barricade from the design stage to construction.

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